UWP – due monitor una sola app

// Check if we have an external display available and ready to use if (ProjectionManager.ProjectionDisplayAvailable) { // Get the ID of the current window int currentViewId = ApplicationView.GetForCurrentView().Id; var newView = CoreApplication.CreateNewView(); // Retrieve the Projection View ID to be used in StartProjectingAsync ApplicationView newApplicationView = null; // Set the content for the new view await newView.Dispatcher.RunAsync(CoreDispatcherPriority.Normal, () => { newApplicationView = ApplicationView.GetForCurrentView(); var rootFrame = new Frame(); rootFrame.Navigate(typeof(ProjectedScreen2)); Window.Current.Content = rootFrame; Window.Current.Activate(); }); // Project our new view to the external display await ProjectionManager.StartProjectingAsync(newApplicationView.Id, currentViewId); } Continua a leggere UWP – due monitor una sola app